The Unmistakable Taste of Traditional Bulgarian Cuisine


Bulgarian cuisine is one of its kind. Gourmets all over the world have been attracted for ages by the culinary temptations that Bulgaria offers. The traditional Bulgarian cuisine is a mixture of classic Bulgarian meals, intertwined with heritage from Slavonic, Greek, Turkish, and lately, other central and western European cuisines.Bulgarian cuisine

Cooking traditions in Bulgaria are strong and are kept alive for many years by passing recipes from grandparents to parents to children to grandchildren. Taste of Traditional Bulgarian Cuisine has captured the best of all the Bulgarian recipes so you can enjoy them on your own.

Why does the Bulgarian cuisine taste so good? Bulgarian food is organic food. The dishes are prepared using natural products which to a great extent brings the unique taste of the Bulgarian meals. There are also many distinctive features of the Bulgarian cooking that contribute to the exceptional taste. When preparing meals with meat, for example, Bulgarians start with the cooking of the meat and gradually add the rest of the ingredients. In this way they save time and effort as the entire meal is prepared using only one pot or saucepan. The combination of milk or yogurt with other products is also very typical for the Bulgarian national cuisine. It enriches the technology of food preparation and makes the dishes healthier. Another distinctive feature is the thermal processing of the products – they are simmered slowly on low heat which enables their nutritive qualities to be retained and, again, makes the food taste much better.

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