Montenegrin Tuna Steak With Lemon-garlic Sauce

For this meal, you can use any kind of tuna, mackerel, Blue Merlin, or “palamida” fish which you can find in Adriatic Sea. Lemon-garlic sauce is also sauce you can use for any kind of grilled fish, although you must be careful if you use white meat fish with delicate flavor – garlic can overcome so you will not taste the fish at all.

Monetenegrin Tuna Steak With Lemon-garlic Sauce

20 min to make
Serves 2-3
                 500 g tuna (steaks)
                 5 g salt
                 10 g garlic (or 4 garlic cloves)
                 10 g lemon juice (fresh lemon juice)
                 10 g parsley leaves
                 1/3 cup olive oil
                 1 teaspoon oregano
                 2 g black pepper (grounded)
Season steaks with salt and soak them in olive oil 30 minutes before putting on grill (or grill pan). Grill steaks until done.
Before prepare lemon juice, finely minced garlic, finely minced parsley leaves, pepper, olive oil and oregano, stir all ingredients well and leave 30 minutes until all flavors combine and get used to each other.
Pour juice over fish before serving. That is it! (Leftovers of lemon-garlic sauce can be preserved hermetically covered in refrigerator for 5 days).

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