Montenegrin Grape juice/syrup (Sok od Grožđa)

Grape juice/syrup can be found at any Montenegrin restaurant, snack bar, supermarket and it is commonly prepared in every local house as it is tasty, healthy and widely consumed. Preparation is very easy, as the berries are removed from stems, mixed with a blender and strained; the resulted juice is sweetened with sugar, enriched in flavor with lemon juice and is boiled before being stored in sterilized bottles. It is drunk as it is, or combined with other alcoholic beverages, or mixed with water, ice, lemon slices, and fresh mint leaves if wanted.
                 sugar and
Grapes wash and mash well. The resulting juice adds sugar, lemon juice and let it cook. When the liquid boils cook another 10 minutes. and pour into a clean sterilized hot bottle. Bottles close hermetic closure, wrapped in tea towels and put in hot water to cook (sterilized for 15 min). Remove the bottle, wrap it in a thick cloth and leave to rest. The following day, leave them in a dark place (cellar) in order to use stand.
1 kg of grapes put 2 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. If desired, the amount of sugar can be reduced and added between. In this case the scale 1: 1.
If the juice is very concentrated, it is diluted with water and ice.

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