Macedonian Homemade Bread


Is there something tastier than warm fresh Macedonian homemade bread? I don’t think so. It’s cheaper than buying it, it’s more nutritious and you know exactly what goes into it.



  •     1 kg and 400 g all-purpose flour 
  •     40 g fresh yeast
  •     1,5 tablespoon salt
  •     500 to 700 ml water
  •     1-2 tablespoons sugar



  1. Put flour in a large bowl for kneading, make a hole in the middle, add salt, sugar, and yeast which you prepared earlier.  
  2. Start kneading the dough with warm water. The needed water quantity varies and you should determine how much you need, the dough should be soft and moistened.  
  3. Leave the dough to reach for about 40 minutes, knead again and make bread in a desired size and quantity.  
  4. Warm the tray where you’ll bake bread, strew some flour on it. Arrange bread on the baking tray and leave again to reach around 30 minutes.  
  5. Turn on the oven to 200 degrees and bake for 45 minutes. Cover with a towel to soften after baking.   

Combine your warm bread with ajvar or white cheese or as desired. Enjoy!


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