Albanian Yogurt (Kos)


Albanian Yogurt (Kos) is a major staple in our household. Albanians eat it with everything! They can eat is savory, sweet or just plain the way it is. So, with the amount of yogurt, Albanians go through its important that we make it at home.

Google ‘how to make yogurt’ and you are bound to get seriously complicated recipes involving thermometers and who knows what else. Here I will show you an amazingly simple way to make yogurt at home.

For this method, it is important that you have a little yogurt to start with. All you really need is a spoon full to get the culture going. You can either buy your favorite plain yogurt at the store or borrow a little from a neighbor.


Albanian Yogurt (Kos)


What you will need:

  • Large pot
  • Milk
  • Large towel
  • Small amount of yogurt



In a large pot, bring the milk to a boil. I will leave the quantity up to you. We normally make about half a gallon at a time but I would recommend starting with a little less milk.

Once the milk is boiling heat off and let the milk cool. The milk needs to be slightly warmer than room temperature before moving to the next step.



Do not let the milk get too hot or too cold. This will prevent the yogurt culture from developing.*


Mix in the spoon full of yogurt and remove the pot from the stove. Now, wrap the pot in a large towel. This will allow the milk to stay warm and the yogurt to develop.

Leave this untouched overnight. The next day you can check on it and you will be surprised to find a large pot of delicious yogurt. It’s that simple!

Enjoy this Albanian Yogurt (Kos)!

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