Albanian Homemade Yogurt (Kos)


Yogurt is a product with very high nutritional properties such as protein, calcium, vitamin B6, B12, and riboflavin. Albanian homemade yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt is known as yogurt cultures. Cow’s milk is the most commonly used to make yogurt. The word yogurt is derived from the Turkish language and it means to be curdled or coagulated; to thicken.

As a child, I saw my mom covering container or saucepan of milk with clean towels and blanket and telling me not to touch it. The importance of not opening the blanket covering during the fermentation is that you will stop the process of making yogurt. This is an old recipe and the method is the same as when my mom used to make it. It does not require too much active time to make it.

Albanian Homemade Yogurt (Kos)


Preparation time: 30 min

Cooking time: 4 hours

Total time: 4 hours 20 min

Yield 10 servings



  • qts organic whole milkStony Field – ultra-pasteurized
  •  3 tbsp yogurt to use as a starter


Boil the milk in a saucepan to medium heat until you see a skin forming on the top of the pot.

Pour about 4 quarts milk into a plastic or glass container, and let it cool down at room temperature.

Meanwhile, mix the yogurt starter with 2 tbsp of milk so that it is easily poured. The yogurt will come out sour if you pour the yogurt starter in the hot milk or if you use more yogurt starter.

After you put the lid on the container, cover it with a plastic bag and a clean towel or blanket. Do not open the container before the recommended hours once you covered because you will stop the fermentation.

After 3 1/2 hours open and place the container in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Always save some yogurt to use as a starter for your next batch in the refrigerator in a small container.

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